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Red Dwarf: The First Three Million Years

Boys From The Dwarf

Broadcast: 06.08.2020

Playing Pool With Planets

Broadcast: 20.08.2020

Drawing upon archive footage and brand-new interviews, Red Dwarf: The First Three Million Years is THE definitive Red Dwarf retrospective documentary. Over the course of three 40-minute episodes we are taken on a 32-year journey from Red Dwarf's origins as a pilot script written by two Mancunians in a Welsh cabin, all the way through to the smash hit that was the feature length special - The Promised Land. Along the way we are shown the scripting process, the multiple rejections, the casting and get detailed insights into model making, music creation, costumes design and effects.

With contributors including Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn, along with key guest cast and the behind the scenes creators and crew, this is the story of how the show came to be the success it is, told by the people who made it happen. It was the first time a retrospective documentary was made about Red Dwarf for television since the BBC's Comedy Connections episode in 2004; and before that, the Red Dwarf Night documentaries of 1998.

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