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Red Dwarf: Series V


Recorded: 15.11.1991 Broadcast: 20.02.1992

The Inquisitor

Recorded: 8.11.1991 Broadcast: 27.02.1992


Recorded: 22.11.1991 Broadcast: 05.03.1992


Recorded: 29.11.1991 Broadcast: 12.03.1992

Demons and Angels

Recorded: 01.11.1991 Broadcast: 19.03.1992

Back to Reality

Recorded: 06.12.1991 Broadcast: 26.03.1992

With the storylines of Red Dwarf reaching ever more complex and intricate levels, writers Rob Grant and Doug Naylor decided to go for broke - designing a fifth series that would be... erm, intricater and complexer. (Hell, even the title sequence has more, and faster, cuts than before!)

An early blow came when Ed Bye had to decline the offer to return as director and producer. Presumably to avoid months of sleeping on the sofa, Ed instead signed on to direct The Full Wax for his wife, Ruby Wax.

On the recommendation of the show's original executive producer Paul Jackson, newcomer Juliet May was brought on board. Juliet had worked on BBC shows such as Top of the Pops and Challenge Anneka, and was director of Sky and Paul Jackson's much-derided Heil Honey I'm Home. A new producer was also found in the shape of Hilary Bevan Jones, who went on to produce bold dramas like Cracker, State of Play and May 33rd.

Unfortunately, the course of directing Dwarf did not run smooth. Juliet was unaware just how demanding the show could be, with its high production values and FX-reliant stories, and ultimately she was let go two shows before the end of filming. (Despite this early setback, Juliet has since made her name in single-camera shows like Hope and Glory, Wild West and Dalziel and Pascoe.)

The final two episodes - Quarantine and Back to Reality - were directed by Grant and Naylor. The pair had deliberately held these two scripts back for themselves, believing them to be the cream of the season. After production halted they also directed a number of re-shoots from other episodes, eventually being credited (as 'Grant Naylor') on four shows.

Series V was recorded in November and December of 1991 - a lovely time of year to be out on location in the UK - and was broadcast in February and March of the following year.

Shortly thereafter, the writers journeyed to LA in the hopes of making an American Red Dwarf series...


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