Web Dwarf XI

Artworks, blogs, tattoos and more. Our latest look at fan creativity.

16 July, 2021

Welcome back to Web Dwarf, our semi-regular showcase of the very best digital Red Dwarf ephemera that the internet has to offer. In this, our eleventh edition, you really are showing no signs of slowing down and we're proud to host a selection of your videos, tattoos, music, and of course the usual assortment of artworks, fanzines and behind-the-scenes peeks. Red Dwarf fans really are the best fans.

First up is this video from comedian Matthew Highton who took footage from Moon and interspersed it with Holly. If director Duncan Jones' reaction is anything to go by, we can't be the only ones that want to see the full film this way.

Ever wanted to make your own beer milkshake? Well, fortunately, YouTuber John Drinks has your back. Word of warning though, just be careful where you watch this one as some of the language used is just as tasty as the cocktail itself (i.e. foul).

Alternatively, those who prefer convenience over craft might want to pick these up instead.

These last few months were the months of tattoos, with fresh pieces coming in from @Magnumtattoo and @kellyjellybaby, as well as a new podcast where Red Dwarf fan Raph Clarkson (who you may remember from Holly Hop's Into the Gloop) talks about his body tapestry. Amazing stuff.

On the writing front, this time we have Kris Carter, who is back with his latest edition of fanzine Drive Room, which is all about Series I's Balance of Power, and @Mumoss who continues to unearth curious pieces of Red Dwarf's history through painstaking research and phenomenal attention to detail. We're super impressed with both.

Web Dwarf XI

And this wouldn't be a Web Dwarf article without a dose of costumes and clothing. This time we have a rather splendid dress from @aramintalees, a new Twitter feed dedicated to unpicking the details of Lister's jacket, and @reddwarfzone has some lovely images showing exactly where the Cat's jacket from Nanarchy ended up.

Of course, there is nothing the Red Dwarf community does better than fan art. Here's @ComicsDave with a rather fetching Starbug.

And now with added colour.

@Cha0tic_Creat0r sent us these marvellous Rimmer and Lister pics.

Check out this brilliant piece from @TheGrantPerkins.

A retro work from @sealinne, made using MS Paint.

And more from Drive Room writer, @drivaaar, this time with an impressive Ace Rimmer.

Twitter user @ickletoonies never fails to impress with their work. Here's a selection of our recent favourites.

Speaking of regular Web Dwarf contributors, here's @sunnysideeggers with their latest masterpieces.

While block-builder extraordinaire @bobvintagebrick may not have been successful this time with his latest Lego project, we have some consolation in that we can read all about his thoughts on the project here.

Ever wanted to see what the Red Dwarf cast would look like as children? No? Tough.

Here's some pictures of a man dressed as a giant knitted condom. For context, he was behind the scenes of Series XII's Timewave and this isn't just something he does. We hope.

And some Holoship rehearsal shots from @cbarriefans.

@davechannel came up with a much more effective way to get the nation singing than the UK government did. We approve.

Red Dwarf. Lego. Scrabble. Lovely. Thanks @galleryofdoug.

And an extra special thanks to @ehmglubber's 6-year-old, Leo, for teaching us exactly how Minecraft should be played.

And they always say you should finish on a song. Well, we've got two of them. Take it away @torkardensemble and @gemthetwit.

We really can't thank you all enough for your contributions. The fact that you all use your considerable talents to celebrate this show really does mean the world to us. We can't wait to see what you've all got up your sleeves for the future.

Send us your creations on Twitter and you never know, you may even feature in the next edition of Web Dwarf.

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