Rimmer Gallery

His flared-nostrilness gets his own dedicated gallery.

30 April, 2021

Those of you who enjoyed our Lister Gallery a few weeks ago may well have been wondering which character would receive the treatment next. Could it be Mr Flibble, perhaps? Or Chen? Maybe it's that woman from Backwards who eats the éclair in that café? Well, to end the speculation we can now confirm that the subject of our latest collection is none other than Goal-Post Head himself, Arnold Judas Rimmer, BSc SSc.

Rimmer Gallery

Described by Lister as "a slimy river-dwelling rodent with the morals of a praying mantis," he's the archetypal sitcom neurotic, but one invested with just enough depth, tragedy and complexity that you can't help but fall for his charms. Masterfully played by Chris Barrie in 70 of the 74 episodes, he's both a sci-fi and a comedy icon, and he looks pretty damn swish in a tunic. It's high time we celebrated him.

These pictures show an assured performer all the way back at Episode One. Chris really hit the ground running with his portrayal of a recently deceased under-achiever with more than a few chips on his shoulder, and his performance has only grown and matured since then. We hope you enjoy them.

We will of course be bringing you more exclusive character collections in the upcoming weeks, but in the meantime, why not enjoy this selection of both classic and rare photographs over a glass of chilled Sancerre and a game of Risk? You can view all 42 pictures in our Rimmer Gallery here.

Make sure to visit our gallery section for even more exclusive photos.

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