Web Dwarf X

Another tour through Red Dwarf's online universe.

9 April, 2021

Take some long-lost clips, a collection of fan art, a smattering of 3D animation, and some obscure news about hotel renovations in Manchester, and what have you got? Well, the latest edition of Web Dwarf of course. This time chocked full with fanzines, Lego and letters.

Showcasing your work on reddwarf.co.uk is always a joy. The creativity this community continues to demonstrate is always astonishing, and you never fail to make us proud. Let's see what you've been up to this time, shall we?

First up is this video from the potty-mouthed podcasters, reviewers and archivists of all things Dwarf, Ganymede and Titan. Always ready to spring into action when it comes to obscure Red Dwarf news, trivia and minutiae, they've outdone themselves with this one; a series of archive Tomorrow's World clips featuring Norman Lovett in character as Holly, that haven't been seen since their broadcast over 22 years ago. It's a really impressive find, and well worth the six minutes and 49 seconds it will take you to watch them.

This next image really impressed us. Featuring more 90s pop culture icons than your Tamagotchi has had hot dinners, artist @Jimllpaintit has delivered another masterpiece. Can you find the boys from the Dwarf in there?

Regular readers of this series may remember that last time we featured Kris Carter's Drive Room, a brand-new fanzine that took an in-depth look at Series I's The End. We're delighted to see him back with the follow up, this time turning his eye to Future Echoes. As with the first issue, it's packed with Red Dwarf goodness that you don't want to miss. You can read the whole thing on Kris's blog here.

Web Dwarf X

Red Dwarf celebrated its 33rd anniversary on the 15th of February, and when the team at The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club got the ball rolling for the celebrations, you really did come out in style. Here are some of our favourite tweets from the day, including a very surprising and welcome contribution from a grown-up baby Lister.

A Web Dwarf regular these days, @sunnysideeggers sent us their creations, including what must be a first: Series I rehearsal fan art. Amazing.

Next up is this delightful contribution from @JennaGuillaume.

Followed by a 3D printed Red Dwarf from @dhdmeimei and some animated Skutters from @bromtomley. Marvellous.

Following up from their 33rd anniversary piece above, @ickleToonies sent us the following brilliant artworks.

And it's not just fan art this time, because @ickleToonies also teamed up with @NKTDESIGNCOM to produce an impressive Lego animation. You can watch it here.

Every time we do this feature there seems to be yet another archive prop or costume discovery. This time we have @idleremorse and @Reddwarfzone showing off Rimmer's tunic from Series V. Doesn't it look great?

And talking of costumes, check out these awesome designs from Holoship, shared by @AnnPeek.

Remember when we said @Ganymedetitan were always first with the news? Well, here's the proof with the rather sad story that the location for Stasis Leak's Ganymede Holiday Inn is no more.

Until recently, you could walk into the Midland Hotel in Manchester and be greeted with the filming location, practically unchanged. Apparently, the owners thought it was more important to modernise, rather than preserve this historic landmark. Pfft!

In better news, here's more from G&T, with Red Dwarf getting a mention from Tony Hawks on Radio 4's Just a Minute.

And it's not just the fans that have been busy these last few months. Suzanne Bertish, better known around these parts as Arlene Rimmer, is joining Mac McDonald at the London Film & Comic Con. With the convention circuit soon to be ramping up again (fingers crossed!), we certainly hope this is the first of many such reports.

Meanwhile, an entirely different Rimmer's night took a turn for the surreal when Series X's Mark Dexter found this in his Scrabble tiles.

And Danny John-Jules channelled his inner sleuth, when he appeared on ITV's Agatha & Poirot: Partners in Crime, earlier this week.

If you missed it, you can catch up on the ITV Hub.

Want to see a fresh-faced Paul Jackson floor-managing a couple of comedy greats back in 1979? Of course you do. Fortunately, the BBC iPlayer has your back with The Two Ronnies: The Studio Recordings, a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

Web Dwarf X

And finally, a little piece of Red Dwarf history that surfaced in March, courtesy of Arthur Smith. A letter from Rob Grant, Doug Naylor and Ed Bye, following Arthur's appearance in Backwards. Who wants to start the bidding?

We are, as ever, hugely grateful to each and every one of you that applies your talents to the celebration of our favourite programme. Thank you once again to all the contributors to this article. You're the best.

Make sure you continue to share your Red Dwarf thoughts, artworks and models over on Twitter, and your creation may even appear in the next edition of Web Dwarf.

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