Holly Quiz

How well do you know the ship's computer?

Holly Quiz

Select one answer for each question, then hand your results in to Holly for your score!

1. What is the name of Holly's postal chess partner in Better Than Life?

2. What is Holly's IQ increased to in White Hole?
The equivalent of 12,000 car park attendants

3. What is the name of Holly's counterpart, played by Hattie Hayridge, in Dimension Jump?

4. What are Holly's first words after being rebooted from his spare disk in The Promised Land?
"Alright dudes?"
"My name is Holly"
"He's back, kicking bottom or what?"
"Strike a light, I'm a genius again"

5. In how many episodes does Hattie Hayridge play Holly?

6. What number does Holly claim he has a blind spot with?

7. What type of computer is Holly?
4000 Series GTi
10th Generation AI Hologramic
Tamagotchi 3000
PS 5000

8. Which author does Holly ask Lister to erase from his memory in Confidence and Paranoia?
Agatha Christie
JM Barrie
Arthur Conan Doyle
Stephen King

9. What was Holly's first love?
A Sinclair ZX Spectrum
A Tamagotchi
A Sinclair ZX81
An Xbox One

10. According to Holly, what is the worst book ever written?
Football: It's a Funny Old Game by Kevin Keegan
Rimmer's diary
The Roots of Coincidence by Arthur Koestler
The Caretaker by Harold Pinter

11. What did Holly give Kryten as a gift in The Last Day?
A build-it-yourself Marilyn Monroe droid
A computer chip
A little box that goes 'fzzzt'

12. In which episode did Holly say, "It's better to have loved and lost than to listen to an album by Olivia Newton-John"?
Parallel Universe
Thanks for the Memory
Stasis Leak

13. Out of the billions of options available, Holly claims he chose his face because it was the face of what?
The richest man who ever lived
The greatest and most prolific lover who ever lived
The funniest stand-up comedian who ever lived
The wisest philosopher who ever lived

14. Where does Holly get all his knowledge of space?
The Junior Encyclopedia of Space
The A-Z of Red Dwarf
Looking out of the window

15. Who played Holly in the US pilot?
Teri Hatcher
Terry Farrell
Jane Leeves
Jane Kaczmarek

16. According to Rimmer, what event meant that Holly was offline in Back to Earth?
Water damage from Lister's overflowing bath
Fire damage from Kryten's exploding souffle
Electrical damage from the Cat's over-heating curling irons
Flat battery

17. What did Holly suggest Lister do with Kochanski's remains in The End?
Eject them into space
Grit the path
Season a soup
Sweep them under the console

18. What does Rimmer call Holly in Future Echoes?
A pompous, stuck-up calculator
A stupid, jumped-up Filofax
A cocky, moronic abacus
A cretinous, supercilious PalmPilot

19. In what episode did Holly say, "Appreciate what you've got, because basically, I'm fantastic"?
Confidence and Paranoia
Back to Reality
White Hole

20. On what moon does Holly suggest that the crew reconvene after navigating the black holes in Marooned?
Gemini 12
Adelphi 12
Sigma 14D