Web Dwarf IX

More creations and oddities from the world of Red Dwarf fandom.

15 January, 2021

Welcome to the ninth instalment of Web Dwarf, or as we prefer to call it, Web Dwarf: Back to Earth. This time our semi-regular showcase of fan art, models, cakes and costumes, once again proves that the Red Dwarf community is one of the most impressive and creative fandoms in the world. Whether you're crafting your own miniature Starbug cockpit using only Sellotape and bacon, or creating your own working hologram simulation suite from the Teletext source code, you never fail to impress us, and this time is no different.

First up is this video from Jason Smedley who has cut together each and every use of the word smeg from The End to The Promised Land. Excellently entitled the Red Dwarf Smegamix, this is really impressive stuff and well worth your time.

Jason also runs the very funny Escape Pod: Red Dwarf Smegposting Facebook group, which is also highly recommended if you like this kind of thing.

Another labour of love that we thought deserved special attention is this excellent fanzine from Kris Carter. Taking an in-depth look at The End, the first issue of Drive Room is so packed full of detail that even the most knowledgeable fans would struggle to come away without learning at least one or two new things about the show. The first issue is available on Kris's blog or you can jump straight to it here. We can't wait for the next one.

Web Dwarf IX

The first of this instalment's fan art is this lovely, photo-realistic still from Gunmen of the Apocalypse from @Elligater. The image impressed Craig Charles so much, he outright asked if he could have it. Not bad at all for a first piece.

And after featuring in the previous Web Dwarf, @geerosedraws is back with yet another amazing artwork.

Next up is this cute pic from @NKTDESIGNCOM, and a rather fetching Starbug from @Adam23077690.

And as @SunnySideEggers proved, if a Rimmer's worth drawing, he's worth drawing a bunch of times; and that's exactly what happened here with this portrait and line drawing, alongside an early day's incarnation and a latter day Promised Land version.

@ickleToonies' Twitter feed is a virtual treasure trove of cartoon Red Dwarf goodness. Here are a couple of our favourites, but be sure to check them all out.

And on the theme of Parallel Universe, @arlenerimmer drew this, which is presumably a self-portrait, right?

Here's some more brilliant portraits, this time courtesy of @lapsansou.

And a representation of one of the show's most iconic moments by @SampleMedz:

Of course, Halloween has been and gone since the last instalment of this series, but needless to say, you didn't disappoint during the scary season. First up was this artwork, kindly provided by @MSXTWX:

Our next contributors also got into the Halloween spirit. First up is @lapsansau who followed up on the portraits above with this impressive Rimmer cosplay:

Followed by Lister and Kochanski costumes from @hmichellerose:

And if you were impressed by those costumes, well, you may want to check this section out. You may remember that last time, Twitter user @idleremorse showed off one of their prized possessions - Lister's guitar. Well, it turns out they have quite the collection of both props and costumes. These were all so impressive, we thought we'd share them all.

If all those costumes don't bring the memories flooding back, this next tweet from @pipmadeley certainly will. We've looked at the Red Dwarf VHS covers before, but seeing them all laid out like that really does raise a smile.

Next up we had a couple of birthday celebrations, and true to form, they both celebrated in style. A happy belated birthday to @chriscassell81. Top cake.

And another happy birthday to @MitchellsModels. Your models are amazing and make us want to eat even more cheese than we usually do.

This was a personal favourite. A handmade, crocheted Starbug. What's not to love?

Speaking of cute things, it seems that in an alternate universe, Rimmer and Lister moved to Tom Nook's island in Animal Crossing. It was just too adorable not to share.

And to play us out, here's a lovely rendition of the piano theme tune played by @Jimllpaintit in a Krampus mask. You're welcome.

A huge thank you to each and every contributor, we really do appreciate it. See you next time!

Make sure you continue to share your Red Dwarf thoughts, artworks and models over on Twitter, and your creation may even appear in the next edition of Web Dwarf!

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