Web Dwarf VIII

Red Dwarf fans show off their creativity.

23 October, 2020

Being a Red Dwarf fan means being a part of one of the most creative communities in the world. We're always impressed by the work our dedicated fans put out there, and we're equally as excited to share it. On this outing of Web Dwarf, we have plush toys, a plethora of fan art, the discovery of a seriously cool prop, and enough cakes to fill a small, high-end artisan boulangerie specialising in novelty science fiction baking. It's been quite a few months.

First up is this beautiful build from dollhouse creator Daiki Endo. The image caused quite the stir when it was posted; gaining support and praise from the likes of Danny John-Jules, Series XII and The Promised Land's graphic designer Matt Clarke, and Dave-era script editor Andrew Ellard. It's not difficult to see why. The attention to detail here is stunning, and we strongly urge you to check out @eddi2011's profile for even more impressive artworks.

In yet more model-making news, Bob's Vintage Bricks has hit his target of 10,000 supporters, which means that Lego will now consider the project for development. This is Bob's second attempt to get the project off the ground and we wish him the best of luck.

The next item really needs to be seen to be believed. A Red Dwarf and Tenet mashup that impressed Paul Jackson so much, he included it in The Last Day's Quarantine Commentary. It truly is an impressive piece of editing and brought a lot of joy to GNP.

And who knew that the Red Dwarf community contained so many bakers? Not us, that's for sure, but we were stunned by the displays on offer below. This might be the most impressive wedding cake we've ever seen.

Ditto for this birthday cake.

And we hope you saved room for a cookie.

Elsewhere on the internet, the always excellent (if potty-mouthed) fan site Ganymede and Titan turned their hand to this hilarious response to the government's Fatima ad. The meme quickly became one of their most successful posts, and consequently, it was shared many times, often without credit; but it was on the G&T Twitter feed that you saw this first.

And G&T weren't the only ones putting the memes out there.

Now to the fan art. We're always impressed by the quality of work in these round ups, and this time is no exception. First up is @Pjhill81's impressive likeness of Duane Dibbley.

Not to be outdone, @BrokeNBoredom88 provided their own Dibbley piece. We love them both.

@ComicsDave sent us this impressive drawing of the small rouge one itself. If you're interested in how this was put together, you can find a step-by-step guide to the process behind the drawing in the Twitter thread below.

We were equally impressed by this Andy Warhol-inspired Kryten image by the artist TDO.

And these incredible creations by @geerosedraws.

Have you ever wanted to try yoga, but felt it was lacking that Red Dwarf touch? Well luckily @RobynLeesF4T has your back.

And @DwarfStarbugirl has provided the same service for hand sanitising.

@galleriestgery, meanwhile, has made these adorable Red Dwarf plush toys.

And check out this impressive find. Long thought ejected into the depths of space; it turns out that Lister's guitar was actually with Twitter user @idleremorse all along.

And speaking of long-lost items, following the broadcast of The First Three Million Years, a tweet from UKTV sparked quite the debate about Red Dwarf USA.

Craig Bierko sprang into action.

This led to some surprising revelations about the much-maligned show, including this potentially disturbing take from Andrew Ellard.

We sincerely hope this isn't the case. While Red Dwarf USA may not have reached the heights for which it aimed, it nonetheless remains an interesting endeavour that deserves its place in Red Dwarf lore. And if you ask us, Craig was being just a little harsh on himself here. We think he did a great job with an impossible task, because, after all, there really is only one Dave Lister. Isn't that right, @JPrice02?

Fresh from his appearance with Craig Charles in Craig & Danny: Funny, Black and on TV, Danny John-Jules asked Red Dwarf fans to caption this picture using a quote from our favourite show. Can you top the replies so far?

And while you're answering Danny's question, perhaps you can answer one of ours too. This curious post from Ian McIntyre shows him appearing as a supporting artist in an otherwise unidentified episode. Can you tell which one from the photo?

And finally, confirming exactly what we all already knew, Timewaves's Ziggy himself told us just what a fabulous group of people the Red Dwarf crew are. We couldn't agree more, Jamie.

Make sure to send us your fantastic creations. You never know, yours might even be featured in the next instalment of Web Dwarf.

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