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Get some new desktop and mobile screen coverings!

10 July, 2020

We're all having to stare at screens an awful lot more at the moment - whether phones, desktop backgrounds or video calls - so in the interests of bringing a bit more Red Dwarf flavour to your daily grind, we thought it was about time we gave our Gallery section a freshening up.

Gallery View

If you head on over there, the first thing you'll find is a new Promised Land section, bringing this year's special in line with all the previous outings with its own high-quality photo gallery - all nicely suitable for adorning a full-size desktop screen.

But that's not all - we realise that the last time we added any mobile-sized wallpapers, phone resolutions weren't what they are today, so to cater for those of you desperate for some Dwarf on your home or lockscreens, we've got a fresh assortment of 1080x1920-sized images - a colourful assortment of character shots, along with some classic ship-based artwork.

And finally, for those of you who want to spend your Zoom or Teams conferences pretending you're three million years in deep space, we've added some usefully-sized images of Red Dwarf sets past and present, to give your next meeting a sprinkling of smeg.

And incidentally, these additions to the gallery - one of the longest-standing sections on the site - conveniently arrive as the one-thousandth news update since we launched all the way back in 2000! Thanks to everyone who's followed us through the previous 999, and we'll no doubt be taking a look back through the site's history when the actual twentieth anniversary rolls around later in the year...

Check out the entire visual history of Red Dwarf over in the Gallery now!

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