Biggest. Quiz. Ever.

Testing you on every episode of Red Dwarf so far!

21 February, 2020

We had a great time last week celebrating Red Dwarf's 32nd anniversary, with hundreds of you sharing your memories and moments on Twitter and Facebook - as the show trended on Twitter and The Metro picked up on the story (even if they did misuse the word "reboot").

Biggest. Quiz. Ever.

But we didn't want to let the fun stop just yet, and so we're rounding off the anniversary celebrations with the biggest quiz we've ever run on this website. To make sure you're up to speed with Red Dwarf's history in advance of the upcoming feature-length special, we've put together a quiz featuring a question for every single episode of the show so far.

Yes, that's right: 73 questions. It's safe to say that if you get even close to a perfect score on this one, we'll be impressed - in fact, we'll retweet on @RedDwarfHQ the first player to show us proof of a 73/73 score...

Click here to play the "Every Episode Ever" Quiz!

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