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Get a look at the Series I-VIII Blu-ray box art!

26 October, 2018

While we know it's disappointing that the Blu-ray release of Red Dwarf I-VIII has been pushed back into January 2019, we wanted to try and balance out that disappointment by giving you some more information about the set as soon as we could. And we're delighted to do just that this week, with a first look at the artwork for the set!

Rather than being based on any previous video or DVD imagery, the striking cover art is in a retro illustrated style that's entirely new to the show, but which we think is a terrific and stylish fit. As with the previous Just the Shows boxset, the discs are separated out into two boxes - with Red Dwarf adorning the cover of Series I-IV, and Starbug on V-VIII - with a larger box then collecting everything together.

Something else you'll be able to tell from the artwork is that there are multiple discs for each series, with each one containing a wide assortment of bonus material from across the original releases. We'll have a full confirmed list of everything that's included as soon as we can, but in the meantime you can also see that there's an entire bonus disc featuring extras from the now-deleted (and heavily sought-after) Bodysnatcher Collection - including all the original documentaries that were produced for that release, as well as Bodysnatcher itself and The End: The Original Assembly.

Along with the newly restored and upscaled high-definition versions of the first eight series, it's a really quite spectacular package that represents more Red Dwarf than has ever been gathered together in one place before.

Obviously it is a shame that it won't be sitting under your Christmas tree this year - but we hope you'll agree that it's going to make a pretty smegging fantastic antidote to the January blues instead. We'll bring you more news on the release and contents, as well as a look at the remastering process, in the coming weeks!

Red Dwarf I-VIII is scheduled to arrive on Blu-ray on 14th January 2019 - pre-order from Amazon now!

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