More Episodes In Depth

Series V, VI and VII get new Guide material.

20 July, 2018

In our ongoing quest to make sure is the most comprehensive and in-depth resource on the show that you could possibly hope for, we're continuing to spruce up the Complete Guide, which has been a stalwart part of the site ever since it launched back in 2000.

More Episodes In Depth

You might recall that earlier in the year we began the process of updating the guide to feature more in the way of one-stop-shop information on each individual episode - from recording and release dates to video clips and "Did You Know?" trivia. And having already done the first four series, blow me if we haven't now gone and done another three!

So head on over there now to find out all you could possibly want to know about each episode of Series V, VI and VII - and of course, don't forget to give a thorough read to the rest of the Behind the Scenes guide, which still represents the most in-depth discussion of the making of Red Dwarf that you'll find outside of a DVD documentary.

And we'll be back in just a short while with further updates to cover the four series (and one special) that still remain...

Check out the new material in the Episode Guide now!

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