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How to view Red Dwarf digitally - updated for 2018!

12 January, 2018

This is becoming one of those annual traditions now: at the start of the year we like to give you an updated look at where Red Dwarf can be found on various on-demand and streaming platforms.

Download and streaming rights are an ever-changing field, with Red Dwarf being part of different distribution packages at different given times - so while the information below is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication, please note that it is subject to change based on regional availability!


UK-based to the streaming service can get access to the BBC era of the show (Series I-VIII) as part of the monthly package. The service costs £5.99 per month for standard definition, £7.99 for HD, or £9.99 for the "premium" package (which includes Ultra HD on available titles and up to 4 simultaneous logins). Netflix is available on a huge range of devices, from iOS and Android phones and tablets, to games consoles, smart TVs and streaming sticks.

Dwarf On Demand


Our home channel's own on-demand service saw weekly digital-first premieres of both Series XI and XII - and both those series, along with the preceding Red Dwarf X, are available to view completely free on the service at the time of writing. Availability of these and earlier episodes varies depending on their most recent transmission, but whenever they are on there, all you have to do is have a registered account and sit through a couple of adverts. Which is a pretty good deal, frankly. You can watch UKTV Play online, or get apps for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.


Every single episode of the show can be bought to download and keep on iTunes - for iOS devices, Macs and PCs - in standard definition and (for the Dave era) HD. Prices are variable, starting at £6.99 per series (up to £12.99 for the most recent in HD), with episodes at £1.89 in SD and £2.49 in HD. You can also get a range of DVD bonus features, either individually or as part of series bundles.

Dwarf On Demand


Not to be outdone, Amazon also offer every episode for purchase, at comparable prices to iTunes. Their Instant Video app is available on their own Kindle range of tablets, boxes and sticks; as well as iOS, and various smart TVs and set-top boxes. At present you can't stream any of the episodes with a Prime Video subscription, but we'll update you if this becomes possible!

Dwarf On Demand


And completing the set of "buy to keep" packages, Google Play also has the full range of episodes and some bonus features (they've also fixed the glitch from last year where Can of Worms hadn't shown up to download!) However, they don't offer HD versions of the Dave-era episodes. Like Amazon, you can either watch purchased episodes online in your browser, or download them to the mobile for offline viewing.

BBC Store

As we included it in our roundup last year, we should give an update for those of you who may not be aware: sadly, the BBC's own "buy to keep" service closed down in November 2017, so Red Dwarf is no longer available this way. If you bought the show through the platform previously, you should now have been issued with a full refund.

Microsoft Film & TV

If you want to watch the episodes through your Xbox console, then you can bypass third-party apps like Amazon and get it directly from Microsoft's own store. Full season packs and newer episodes are more expensive than iTunes, but individual episodes from the earlier series are slightly cheaper, at £1.49 each.

Dwarf On Demand

Playstation Store

Although you can no longer browse Sony's video store online, we can assure you that Red Dwarf is still available to buy for the PS4. With the continuing exception, oddly, of Back to Earth. No, we don't know either. Maybe Mike Mellington is in charge of their digital distribution department?

TalkTalk Movies & TV

Another buy-to-keep option, but with an even wider range of device compatibility than Amazon. At the time of writing, though, they've yet to come fully up to date, with Series XII not yet available.


Fans in the US annoyed at the show's continuing absence from Netflix should be aware that you can instead get the show - all of it - on the BBC and ITV joint venture that offers streaming of a wide range of UK shows. For just $6.99 a month, you can get access to everything up to and including Series XII, on the usual wide range of mobile, desktop and digital media player devices.

TV Set Top Boxes

If you're a subscriber to a TV service such as Sky, Virgin Media, BT or TalkTalk, you may be able to get the show via that provider's own On Demand service, accessible through your set top box. The availability on these services can vary dependent on both time and your own subscription plan, so have a browse around and see what you can find!

Dwarf On Demand

So there we have it - pretty spoiled for choice, right? We're definitely not suggesting you go out and buy the show on every one of those platforms, although if anyone has actually done so, we'd love to hear about it...

Keep up to date with all your Red Dwarf viewing options in the Watch section!

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