RDXI At Home

Red Dwarf XI DVD and Blu-ray hit the US and UK!

11 November, 2016

The episodes may still be fresh in your memory from their original broadcast (not to mention countless UKTV Play-based rewatchings) but even so, it's a momentous week when new Red Dwarf hits shiny, round, take-it-home format. And that week has come, as the Red Dwarf XI DVD and Blu-Ray sets are now being released!

The Series XI DVD and BD are already available to customers in the USA, as they were released sneakily early (well, they did have to wait longer to see them in the first place) on 8th November. But fans in the UK haven't had to wait too much longer to get the sets: they come out in their home country on Monday 14th November.

Here's what the sets look like, including that nifty reversible cover (which is only available on the UK DVD, we're afraid):

RDXI At Home

If you like your discs to be held in something a bit more robust, meanwhile, you can also get your hands on this limited edition exclusive Blu-ray steelbook:

RDXI At Home

Each set contains all six episodes of Red Dwarf XI along with well over an hour of bonus material - including behind-the-scenes, Smeg Ups, deleted scenes and lots of additional raw footage. You can get a full list (and preview) of what's contained over here.

If you're a decluttering kind of person and don't want physical copies, though, you needn't miss out on the extras: check out your relevant Google Play, iTunes and BBC Store outlets, where you should be able to get the bonus features in addition to download-to-keep copies of the episodes. And for those of you who've asked: these are the only two territories with home releases for the moment, but we are hoping that we can bring you news of further international releases in the future. Because as far as we're concerned, new-Dwarf-DVD week should be open to as many fans as is humanly possible...!

Find links to buy all the new Red Dwarf discs (as well as the old ones) in our DVD database!

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