Red Steel

New, limited-edition Red Dwarf X steelbook on the way!

4 March, 2016

How many Red Dwarf video releases do you have in your collection? By our reckoning, it's possible to get your hands on over twenty-five VHS tapes, ten "full" series DVD releases, four different compilation boxsets, four "vanilla" individual series DVDs, two Blu-rays, and a limited edition steelbook. And that's just the stuff that's been released in the UK!

Red Steel

But now BBC Worldwide are adding one more shiny thing to put on your already-groaning shelves, with the news that a new, extremely limited-edition steelbook Blu-ray of Red Dwarf X is about to hit stores. And yes, we know there's already been one steelbook already (the standard-artwork one that HMV released back in 2012), but this one's got some rather lovely new Dwarf-themed art that we think you'll agree makes it particularly desirable. And what's more, the previous steelbook was just a DVD, whereas this one has the higher-definition Blu-ray. So don't think of it as doubling up, so much as embellishing!

At the moment the set is available to pre-order on Zavvi, with a price of £16.99. It's due for release there in April, and we should have news on its availability at other retailers shortly!

Check out all the Red Dwarf home releases available for sale in our Merch section!

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