Barrie. Brittas. Back?

Gordon's alive! Or is he...?

10 July, 2015

We all know Arnold Rimmer is the best Chris Barrie character. Of course we do. But if there's anyone who runs Arnie a pretty close second, it has to be the petty, officious, nasally-whining leisure centre manager who terrorised the folk of Whitbury New Town - and BBC1 viewers - between 1991 and 1997: Gordon Brittas.

Brittas has been off the air since the final episode of The Brittas Empire revealed that the entire series had just been a dream. But if anyone knows a thing or two about shows that were last on in the late '90s making a comeback, it's Chris Barrie - and if reports in the UK press this week are to be believed, the show could become the latest classic comedy series to make a triumphant twenty-first century comeback.

According to The Mirror, a brand new Brittas special is on the way to the BBC - potentially as soon as this year. Chris is quoted as saying at a recent convention that "There's no secret to the fact that there's a script that's being commissioned by the BBC for a new Brittas Empire. One of the original writers is behind it, and fingers crossed it happens before I completely forget how to say my name!"

It wouldn't be the first time Brittas had made a modern comeback - Chris revived the character for a special Sport Relief music video last year - but brand new episodes of the show that was originally created by writers Richard Fegen and Andrew Norriss, and which was often surprisingly dark, given its mainstream BBC1 slot, would certainly be something to cheer. Here's a clip of the hapless manager in his pomp:

If Brittas does make a comeback, of course, then we could well be seeing Chris reprise his two greatest creations within the space of the same year. Which we think you'll agree would be pretty "Eeeeexcellent..." We'll bring you further news of the anticipated return as and when we hear it.

Are you keen to see Brittas return? Join the chat about Chris and the other stars on the Forum!

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