Turning Japanese

Back to Earth and Red Dwarf X going international.

25 July, 2014

It's been a while since Japanese Red Dwarf fans have had something to get excited about - not since the 2006 release of a Series I-VIII boxset, unless we miss our mark. But now, the legions of Dwarfers over there - including a group of hardcore fans affectionately referred to as "The J Team" by Danny John-Jules - have something new to celebrate, as Back to Earth and Series X are due for release in 2015!

Both series, like the previous eight, will be getting the standard re-dubbing and subtitling treatment, with the same cast of actors standing in for the main crew as before, to boot. That cast includes the highly renowned voice actor Masashi Ebara as Rimmer - he's Japan's official dub-over artist for Tom Hanks, don't you know.

Check out the below leaflet for more information - well, assuming you're fluent in your kanji you can, anyway...

Turning JapaneseTurning Japanese

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The "J Team" have been instrumental in arranging for the translation of the series, and exclusively announced the news at the Natsucon convention last weekend. The DVD sets will be released some time in early 2015, although we don't have a confirmed date as yet, and they come from Japanese broadcaster and media corp NHK. We'll bring you more details as we get them!

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