Kryten's Geek Week

Dwarf droid joins YouTube celebration.

2 August, 2013

If you're reading then the chances are - let's face it - you willingly identify as a "geek". It's probably something you've come to terms with - in fact, it's probably something you're happy or even proud about. That certainly makes you the kind of person YouTube are appealing to next week, with a landmark themed campaign called Geek Week.

Over the course of seven days between Sunday 4th and Saturday 10th August, the Google-owned video sharing site will be spotlighting some of their best user-generated original content - as well as showcasing celebrations of geek culture past and present. Much of the publicity around the event has centred on a unique one-off revival of the classic kids' gameshow Knightmare - which will be shown on Monday 5th - but the full schedule includes an array of delights designed to appeal to a wide range of geeks and nerds worldwide, whatever your particular interests:

  • Blockbuster Sunday: A celebration of the iconic characters, movies and shows that define geek culture - plus a spotlight on the best original YouTube sci-fi, fantasy and animation.
  • Global Geekery Monday: Anime from Tokyo, comic book heroes from Delhi, and a celebration of Doctor Who. Explore geek culture from around the world.
  • Brainiac Tuesday: Science, education and knowledge channels that make YouTube the world's biggest platform for learning.
  • Super Wednesday: From hilarious parodies to real-life superpowers, explore superheroes, the supernatural and the super-weird. Plus, released exclusively for Geek Week, the trailer for Marvel's Thor: The Dark World.
  • Gaming Thursday: A gamers' paradise, with live play-throughs, video games in real life, game-inspired original series and much more.
  • Fan Friday: Sci-fi-themed cooking, incredible cosplay and impassioned nerd debates as YouTube's biggest fans take centre stage.

And no, Red Dwarf isn't mentioned in any of those summaries - so you naturally might be wondering what the connection is? Well, any themed television event - even if it's online - needs a host, and YouTube just so happen to have hired everybody's favourite sanitation mechanoid for this one.

Kryten's Geek Week

Yes, that's right, none other than our very own Kryten will be appearing across all seven days, introducing and spotlighting each day's newest and best content in a series of brand new videos written (and performed, of course) by Robert Llewellyn and directed by Doug Naylor! So even if you're a geek about Red Dwarf and absolutely nothing else, then you've still got every reason to check it out...

Find out more about Geek Week, and tune in, at YouTube!

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