Behind The Curtains

Ghostwatch retrospective DVD out now.

15 March, 2013

In 1992, Craig Charles was part of one of the most infamous events in British TV history. Broadcast on BBC1 on Halloween night, Ghostwatch was a devastating clever piece of metatextual drama that used real BBC TV presenters - including Craig, alongside Michael Parkinson and Sarah Greene - to conjure up a fictional live event in which mysterious goings-on at a family home in London culminated in an horrific outburst of poltergeist activity and demonic possession.

Behind The Curtains

Two decades later, the film still has an uncanny ability to unnerve - although due to the controversy that surrounded its original broadcast, during which many viewers were unaware it was a drama, it's never been repeated on TV since - and has gone down in broadcasting lore. The memories many viewers still have of it have now been drawn upon as part of a brand new documentary, Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains.

The documentary, which is now available to order on DVD, looks back at the making of the drama, and the impact it had on viewers both on original broadcast and in the years since. It features interviews with cast and crew members - including Craig - and noted celebrity fans such as Andy Nyman and Kim Newman, as well as never-before-seen behind the scenes material. And to add a further Red Dwarf connection, the documentary is directed by Rich Lawden of this very parish!

If you've never seen Ghostwatch itself, it's available on a region-free DVD that was released in 2011. Good luck sleeping with the lights off after you've seen it, however...

To find out more and buy a copy, head on over to the official website

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