Questions and Answers

FAQ update and Series X quiz.

8 March, 2013

We reckon it's been long enough since Series X aired that you'll have watched it countless of times by now - so we thought it was about time we gave your brains a workout, with the newest addition to our fabulous and long-running Games section.

Questions and Answers

Head on over there now, and you'll find a brand new quiz, all about Red Dwarf X. Twenty fiendish questions (alright, some of them are slightly less fiendish, to try and ease you in) covering topics as diverse as moose, breast sizes and battleplan timetables. If you score less than fifteen, we're very disappointed in you...

In exchange for asking you a bunch of questions, however, we thought we'd give you some brand new answers, as well - so we've spruced up the trusty old Official Red Dwarf FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). As well as bringing things up to date for the people who like to ask us just when there's going to be a new series (again? Come on, guys, give us a breather from the last one first!), we've also added some extra information about the show's history and spinoff media which should be second nature to most of you, but which may still enlighten you in fresh and exciting ways.

Check them both out now!

Find the new stuff in the Games and Help sections!

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