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14 September, 2012

Just three short weeks to go before episode one of Red Dwarf X is broadcast, and the publicity machine is ramping into overdrive. There's almost too much fresh content appearing in assorted online outlets to keep track of - so it's a good job you've got us to keep an eye on things and bring you a selection of the most important stuff, eh?

Publicity Trail

First and foremost, if you've been watching Dave's weekend repeat runs of the classic series, you'll know that each Saturday a special code word is being given out onscreen during the ad breaks. If you head on over to Dave's RDX site and pop the code word in, you'll get to see a new exclusive video a full 24 hours before everybody else. The first clip is now unlocked, and features Kryten and Rimmer taking stock of the ship's weapon supplies - and you'll get another if you watch the Series VI repeat run from 11am on Saturday 15th September.

Publicity Trail

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We've also been hit by a veritable deluge of new publicity photos - a number of delightful character shots of the main cast, as well as an intriguing pic of the Dwarfers in a brand new set. They appear to be piloting... well, something. Something with a slightly different hue from the usual red of Red Dwarf. We don't know what it is, but we like it. Well, alright: we know exactly what it is, and we still like it.

Publicity TrailPublicity Trail

Publicity TrailPublicity Trail

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And finally, a selected handful of journalists have been able to see the first episode, "Trojan", recently - thanks to it taking pride of place in UKTV's seasonal press launch - and in a thoroughly pleasing development, the reactions published online so far have been uniformly positive. The first full review came from top comedy site Chortle(full article contains minor spoilers!), who wrote:

It is, in short, like Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and Cat had never been away... just in stasis. Filmed in front of an audience, and with a plot that could have come from one of the earlier BBC Two series, the comeback for the Dave channel is a return to form.

There's some space adventure, some funny character-led outbursts, a sly movie reference, and a generous smattering of funny lines, normally in the form of contrived metaphor.

There is no great reboot of the format, more of a back-to-basics approach, and all the better for it.

On The Box were similarly enthused, saying:

Red Dwarf is very much back with a bang, and if this showing is anything to go by, it looks like it could be a classic to be remembered (I was honestly in stitches by the end of this episode).

Expect more reviews to roll in over the next couple of weeks, as the series gets closer to broadcast. And don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for yet more exciting RDX content in the meantime!

Red Dwarf X premieres on Dave on 4th October.

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