Red Dwarf In Your Pocket

BBC Global iPlayer hits iPhone and iPod Touch.

9 December, 2011

The BBC's Global iPlayer really is a thing of beauty and wonder. Bringing BBC and other UK-produced TV content to Germany, Italy, Spain, France, The Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Canada - a list of countries we're sure you can all recite by heart by now - perhaps its only downside is that, thus far, it's only been available on the iPad.

Red Dwarf In Your Pocket

Now, however, the app is also available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, expanding the number of people who now have access to this wealth of on-demand content - which includes Series I-III of Red Dwarf - hundreds of times over, as well as making for an altogether more portable viewing experience.

And although UK and US-based viewers don't have access to this app - specifically designed as it is for use in other territories - don't forget that the entirety of Red Dwarf is available to download for mobile devices courtesy of our dedicated iTunes store.

Download the Global iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch from iTunes.

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