Let's Get Out There And Tweet It

Official Red Dwarf Twitter page launched.

9 December, 2011

We told you recently about Red Dwarf's latest foray into social networking, courtesy of our new official Facebook page - but the web 2.0 fun doesn't stop there just yet. Those of you who are avid Tweeters can now keep up with the latest developments from Red Dwarf HQ with a brand new official Twitter account - named, appropriately, @reddwarfhq.

Just like the Facebook page, the Twitter account is yet another way to bring Red Dwarf news updates and exciting titbits of exclusive content right to your desktop or mobile device of choice. But if you like to live in a world of 140 characters, you might also be interested in following a few other Red Dwarf-related accounts...

Let's Get Out There And Tweet It

The most active Tweeter in the Red Dwarf world is Robert Llewellyn (@bobbyllew), and he can often - intentionally or otherwise! - be among the first sources of information about the series. His Twit-chum Danny John Jules (@DannyJohnJules), meanwhile, often seems more concerned with posting pictures than words, but is never less than entertaining.

Robert and Danny are the only members of the main cast currently tweeting - although the BBC run a feed for Craig Charles' Funk and Soul Show (@CCFunkandSoul) - but delve into the show's rich history of supporting cast members and you'll find the likes of Tony Hawks (@thefridgeman), Craig Ferguson (@CraigyFerg), John Lenahan (@johnlenahan) and Steven Wickham (@StevenWickham).

Let's Get Out There And Tweet It

From the behind-the-scenes team, of course the most exciting discovery is that both Red Dwarf's creators are on there - and although Doug Naylor (@DougRDNaylor) and Rob Grant (@realrobgrant) aren't among the most frequent of Tweeters, they're still mandatory following material. And besides, script editor Andrew Ellard (@ellardent) more than makes up for their shyness. You can also find all sorts of behind-the-scenes interestingness courtesy of Back to Earth VFX supervisor Mike Seymour (@mikeseymour), Red Dwarf X camera operator Ed Moore (@edmoore) and "Making Of" documentarian Nathan Cubitt (@NathanCubitt).

Finally, although all important Red Dwarf business should generally be taken care of by @reddwarfhq, there's also an official feed for broadcaster Dave (@Join_Dave), and fan club members and convention-hounds alike will want to keep a close eye on The Official Fan Club (@TORDFC).

We should point out, of course, that all content and opinions expressed in these Twitter accounts are those of the individuals involved and should not be considered representative of Red Dwarf or Grant Naylor Productions. And some language and content tweeted may be unsuitable for younger readers. But not on the official one. Although we might say "smeg" a few times.

Catch up with official Red Dwarf tweets at www.twitter.com/reddwarfhq.

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