Roter Zwerg Overload

Three remaining Red Dwarf novels released in Germany.

15 April, 2011

Featuring some of the most gorgeous and consistent artwork every to grace foreign publications, Better Than Life, Last Human and Backwards are all out in their German translation.

This follows Random House's success with Roter Zwerg - literally "Red Dwarf" - which was their release title for Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, the first novel in the series. A particularly interesting achievement when one considers that Red Dwarf has, as yet, never been picked up for broadcast on German TV.

Here are the four books:

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Roter Zwerg OverloadRoter Zwerg OverloadRoter Zwerg OverloadRoter Zwerg Overload

Roter Zwerg (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers) began a 'parallel universe' of Red Dwarf - a separate continuity from the TV series taking the characters on a huge, epic journey...beginning before Lister even boarded ship.

Original Site. Translated Site.

Besser als das Leben (Better Than Life) is Grant and Naylor's co-written sequel to Infinity and picks up the story after left Lister and the gang were left trapped inside the mega-addictive videogame.

Original Site. Translated Site.

Der letzte Mensch (Last Human) is Doug Naylor's solo sequel to BTL and introduces a parallel - and seriously dangerous - Dave Lister into the mix.

Original Site. Translated Site.

Volle Kraft zurück! (Backwards) is Rob Grant's own sequel to BTL - yes we know it's confusing - and unsurprisingly kicks off with some mind-bending reverse-world shenanigans.

Original Site. Translated Site.

Enjoy the artwork. We love it.

You can learn more about the Red Dwarf novels here and here and also purchase via our Merchandise section.

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