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Students! Workers! Lottery winners! Have we got Red Dwarf for you!

9 October, 2009

If you've got a grant, a pay packet or just a lucky tenner from guessing three balls, there's a Red Dwarf item out there for you!

Just The Goodies
Back to Earth
Available now on both DVD and Blu-ray, the three-part story is also presented in a Director's Cut format. Plus there are extras galore.
Bargain: Pick it up online for just 12 or 13 quid!

Just The Goodies
Just The Shows
Series I to VIII in a handy box set. No extras, but it's a great way to grab every episode of the BBC series in double-quick time.
Bargain: Around £26 for the entire 52 episode set!

Just The Goodies
Episodes on iTunes
All series I to VI episodes are available to download individually, or per series. The rest of the shows will be appearing very soon.
Bargain: £1.89 per episode, £9.99 for a series.*

Just The Goodies
Deluxe DVDs
All eight previous series are available in two-or three-disc sets, packed with bonus material: deleted scenes, outtakes, commentaries and in-depth documentaries.
Bargain: A single series can be grabbed online for just five or six quid!*

Just The Goodies
Red Dwarf Radio Shows
Abridged novels Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better Than Life, read by Chris Barrie, with sound effects galore.
Bargain: £7.99 each on iTunes.

Just The Goodies
Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers: Unabridged
Chris Barrie reads the entire Grant Naylor novel. Nominated for the Audiobook Download of the Year, 2008.
Bargain: Just £7.99 for Audible members, about nine quid for everyone else.

You can pick up Red Dwarf goodies from around the world from our Merchandise section.

* All prices correct at time of writing.

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