Back To Reality Issue 2

The all-new revamped Fan Club magazine is on its way to you... if you're a member!

9 October, 2009

Back To Reality Issue 2

As the fans go bonkers at Dimension Jump 2009, they'll also be picking up the latest copy of Back to Reality, the all-new, all-colour magazine of the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club.

Alongside all the usual reviews, correspondence and opinions, this issue includes two in-depth interviews. The first, a bang-up-to-date discussion with Back to Earth effects supremo Mike Seymour detailing the remarkable range of techniques utilised in the making of the new specials.

The second is a detailed chat with former Smegazine comic writer and artist Nigel Kitching, providing a lot of insight to an almost-forgotten but ever-fascinating era of Red Dwarf's history. Smegazines still change hands regularly on eBay, and they're well worth a look if you get hold of them.

To get Back to Reality, meanwhile, you simply need to be a member of the Fan Club. Or possibly a burglar. You can join the club here. We have no further information on how to become a burglar.

You can learn more about the Club on their website.

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