Back to Earth Discs Hit America

Region 1 release arrives for the DVD and Blu-ray.

2 October, 2009

October 6th sees the long-awaited American release of Back to Earth on DVD and Blu-ray. We'd like to thank our Yank friends for being so patient. Thyanks.

Back to Earth Discs Hit America

The Region 1 release is essentially identical to the UK, and the DVD content is identical to the Blu-ray. Isn't that neat and tidy? Here's the full round-up:

Disc One
Back to Earth: The Director's Cut (HD)
Commentary by Doug Naylor
Audio in DTS HD 5.1 Surround
Back to Earth - Part One (HD)
Back to Earth - Part Two (HD)
Back to Earth - Part Three (HD)
Commentary by Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn

Disc Two
The Making of Back to Earth (HD)
The Making of Back to Earth: Part Two - exclusive new 48-minute documentary (HD)
Smeg Ups (HD)
Deleted Scenes (HD)
Optional commentary by Doug Naylor
'The SFX of Back to Earth' featurette (HD)
'Back to Earth Premiere' featurette (HD)
'Cast Signing Session' featurette (HD)
Press Kit Video (HD)
'Carbug' web video (HD)
'Lister On The Street' web video (HD)
'Cat Lands On His Feet' web video (HD)
'Robot On a Wire' web video (HD)
Craig Charles Premiere Introduction (HD)
Broadcast Trailers
Dave Blipverts
'Life on Mars' April Fool video
Episode introductions - from the Back to Earth weekend broadcast on Dave
Photo Gallery
Easter Egg

For the techy people, '(HD)' material is 1080i, screen ratio 1.78:1, and DTS HD 5.1 surround sound on the Director's Cut. If you found that line just a blur of letters and numbers, just assume they''re all good letters and numbers.

Back to Earth Discs Hit America

Pick up Back to Earth on Blu-ray or DVD now - then let us know whether it made your eyes pop out on our Forum.

You can buy Back to Earth via our Merchandise section.

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