Documenting The Documentaries

Learn the full story with the Back to Earth DVD.

22 May, 2009

You may have seen The Making of Back to Earth on TV. The 24-minute behind-the-scenes glimpse was shown back in April alongside the stunning conclusion to Back to Earth.

Documenting The Documentaries

Well, now meet that documentary's big sister, The Making of Back to Earth: Part Two. This 50-ish-minute direct follow-up covers... well, pretty much everything that wasn't in the first docco. From guest stars and special effects to rehearsals and rare culled footage, it's all you've come to expect from a GNP DVD. (Personal favourites includes a nifty time-lapse shot of Robert Llewellyn undergoing the entire Kryten make-up process, guest cast improvising dialogue in the department store scenes, and a look at a scene that was dropped mid-shoot and never completed.)

The creation of the new Red Dwarf mothership, the secret return of Kochanski - this is the deeper truth behind the tentacles. Whether you're keen to learn about the real advantages to shooting on the Red One camera or to dip inside Howard Burden's costume department, this is the much-expanded concluding chapter to what you saw on the TV documentary.

So, there's plenty of new, unseen stuff. But if you did want stuff you've seen elsewhere, fear not, because the four Dave web videos - Carbug, Lister On The Street, Cat Lands On His Feet and Robot On a Wire - are also included, as is the press kit video you may have seen as part of the 'Lister's Coming Home' online game.

But that's not all - we have three insightful featurettes that come with their own unique perspectives on the latest specials.

In The SFX of Back to Earth Mike Seymour walks the viewer through some of the work he and his remarkable crew did for the show. Sure, you know they used a photo of London as a starting point for that remarkable 'moving matte painting', but do you have any idea how much effort went into getting that picture in the first place? And you wouldn't believe the work that went into the Blade Runner-spoofing photo-zooming sequence...

(The extended and international effects team were unable to be credited on the broadcast shows, by the way, due to broadcasting guidelines - so we're very pleased to say that all those extra names will appear on the Director's Cut credit roller. But if you can't wait, you'll find them right here in the newly-extended crew listings for Back to Earth.)

Also on the DVD is a Back to Earth Premiere featurette that'll show you just how much fun was had as fans gathered to meet the cast in Berkley Square, and how the team felt on the night as they walked the actually-it-was-black carpet to see the show for the first time. Watch out for appearances by fans such as Terry Pratchett and Steve Furst.

Documenting The Documentaries

Finally, the Cast Signing Session video provides a more unusual perspective, with the four leading actors - half in costume and make-up, but totally out of character - settling down during a brief shooting break to sign photographs. And make fun of each other. It's a casual, laid back nattering session that also captures some of the feelings in Shepperton on the very last day of filming.

It's all as close as you can get to being part of the Red Dwarf production without getting a smack in the face from a rubber tentacle!

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth is released on DVD in the UK on June 15th.

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