Back To Earth Unseen Material

News on the DVD's deleted scenes and smeg ups.

8 May, 2009

Let's get the important part out of the way first: despite a lack of studio audience, on the set of the latest specials the Red Dwarf gang were as up-beat and occasionally incompetent as ever. Which means we have a terrific bunch of Smeg Ups for you on the new Back to Earth DVD. Over ten minutes of 'em. And no, we haven't added a laugh track.

There are also some fascinating deleted scenes to paw over, though. The deleted scene is a curious thing: good enough to make it through a heavy re-write process, to be rehearsed, filmed and edited... but in the end not quite right for the final show.

Back To Earth Unseen Material

Here's what we have this time around:

Rimmer further explains the dilapidated condition of Red Dwarf to Katerina.
Nose World Staircase Recap
Originally intended for the opening to episode three, the cast's dialogue handily recaps the situation.
Jammy Dodger
Rimmer and Lister, lying on their Price Smashers bunks, reminisce about an incident aboard Red Dwarf before the accident.
Jammy Dodger Callback
Facing death at the hands of their creator, Rimmer recalls the Jammy Dodger story and spurs Lister to action.
The Squid's Plan
An extra piece of dialogue explains just why the beast in the water tank might have let Cat go after its first attack.
Oh Mummy
Rimmer spots something massive on the sonar.

We won't explain why this stuff was dropped now, though. Instead, when the DVD is released you'll be able to watch the scenes with an optional Doug Naylor Commentary and hear the writer/director's thoughts on these lost moments. Another first for a Dwarf disc!

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth is released on DVD in the UK on June 15th.

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