Back To Sleep

Check out the place where the Dwarfers rest up in Back to Earth.

13 March, 2009

New Red Dwarf designer Mark Harris is a remarkable talent. As a production designer you'll have recently seen his work on the animated series Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, but check out his history and you'll find everything from James Bond - Quantum of Solace, Die Another Day and The World Is Not Enough - to deep space adventures like Event Horizon and Star Wars.

Reluctant to talk in interviews, Mark would always rather the work speak for itself. Which is why is pleased to present to you this set of images taken during production of the all-new sleeping quarters.

Back To Sleep

It's a terrific piece of work, dense with detail - our favourite is the 'lager drip' in the window - and strong on character. The overall feel is something modern and original, yet clearly influenced by previous Red Dwarf designs - it's like someone grabbed the original 'grey submarine' idea from the early series, mixed it with the 'slick and spacey' vibe that Mel Bibby brought to the show, then brought the whole thing bang up-to-date.

Back To Sleep

Plus we have a window. The boys can see out into space, and in the grand tradition a black star cloth has been erected to twinkle right back at them. The options this allowed the team for filming has led to a seriously movie-esque look for the show.

Back To Sleep

It's a clever set, too, in that the dressing can be removed from the window, the shelves taken away from the wall, and suddenly - by shooting away from the bunks - you have yourselves an extra corridor to film on. A classic lighting trick even turns the closed door into an elevator!

For all the massive adventure Back to Earth will take you on, it's good to know that the boys from the Dwarf still have somewhere familiar to lay their heads.

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth premieres on Dave on April 10th.

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