Space Meets The Street

Yes, it's true - the Red Dwarf posse paid a quick visit to Coronation Street.

6 February, 2009

You've read about it in all the tabloid papers this week, and no doubt you've seen Dave's exclusive image, so without further ado, here's how the Red Dwarf guys look outside the Rovers Return:

Space Meets The Street

So, okay, we lied. The January 31st 'location shoot' mentioned here wasn't exactly on location. Actually, it took place on the standing exterior/interior Coronation Street sets at Granada in Manchester, on the cobbles right outside the Rovers Return. A place where - as cabbie Lloyd Mullaney - Craig Charles has supped many a pint.

What can this all mean? Are they mad, in a coma, or back in time? We're not saying - storyline security is still tight, no matter how many paparazzi climb up stepladders outside studio entrances and snap away with long lenses. But one thing this really, really isn't, for those who know their Doctor Who, is Dimensions In Time.

Yes, the Street section forms a small but fascinating part of the main specials. But this is nobody's idea of a traditional 'crossover' story, nor is it 'the whole story'. You may have seen the cunningly-snapped pics, but believe us when we say - whatever the reported plot, whatever guesses you may have made, chances are you're a good few light years away from working out what's really going on. Which is something really, really smart.

Enjoy it, kids, because it's the first Dwarf for a decade. It's been a long time since we've had the chance to get this excited!

Meanwhile, over in the Czech Republic, this video shows just how wide-ranging the demand for the new specials has already become!

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth appears on Dave over the Easter weekend, 2009.

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