Calendar Artwork and Release Date

Remember the day - why not write it down on your, erm...

5 September, 2008

The all-new 2009 Red Dwarf Calendar is available to pre-order right now from And it's ever so pretty.

Global Calendars really put their imagination into each Red Dwarf calendar, and this year designer Ben Scotton has taken inspiration from one of the show's most familiar fans - if the cover seems familiar, it should. It's a parody of Stephen Hawking's seminal book, A Brief History of Time.

The 2009 calendar - aka A Brief History of Dwarf (Through Wormholes and Stargates) - otherwise eschews the parody style of the '07 and '08 designs in favour of a neat new twist on the 'classic' Dwarf calendar. Each series is given a month to itself with artwork showcasing a montage of images taken from across every episode.

Ah-ha, I fail to hear you cry thanks to this website being unconnected to any microphones you may have nearby, 'but there are only eight series of Red Dwarf (so far) - and there are 12 months in a year. What's filling those errant months, Mr Website?'

Glad you might have asked: March, June, September and December will provide character montages for Cat, Kryten, Rimmer and Lister respectively. Every page will also include a nifty and appropriate section of dialogue from the show - a quote as they're known in the trade.

But here's us gabbing on when you could just be looking at pictures. Oh yes, 'The Internet' can do pictures and everything!

Calendar Artwork and Release DateCalendar Artwork and Release Date

Calendar Artwork and Release DateCalendar Artwork and Release DateCalendar Artwork and Release Date is also home to the remarkable Red Dwarf canvas and framed prints, which turn stills, pop art adaptations and all those gorgeous movie and advert spoofs into wall-hanging works of art.

The calendar release date will be no later than October 10th (yes 2008, smart guy). We usually buy two, one to keep and one to write on. Sometimes we buy a third in order to add a second September and the extra month of Geldof - but that's such a Red Dwarf in-joke that we decided not to mention it.

Visit to pre-order the 2009 Red Dwarf calendar.

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