Radio Times Movie Poll Places Dwarf High

The people want a movie!

29 August, 2008

Despite the huge kerfuffle going on in our Forum right now - discussing the forthcoming Red Dwarf television project - it seems the voting pubic are still as keen as ever to catch sight of a big screen movie version of the show.

Radio Times Movie Poll Places Dwarf High

The poll, which was conducted by the Radio Times Website, asked Which TV show would you most like to see turned into a movie?

The results are a gob-smacking result for Red Dwarf, placing us only just below Doctor Who - the biggest show on British TV right now - and at number two right alongside Friends, which has been denying persistent rumours of a film continuation ever since Sex and the City took oodles at the box office.

Here's the top ten:

1 Doctor Who (new) 11%
2= Friends 10%
2= Red Dwarf 10%
4 Heroes 9%
5 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 7%
6 Spooks 6%
7= 24 5%
7= Lost 5%
7= Torchwood 5%
7= The Prisoner 5%

Red Dwarf beat out big, cinematic shows like Heroes, 24 and Lost, as well as hits including CSI, House and Torchwood. The only other non-Who British entry on the list was, coincidentally, also the only other show not recently in production - Patrick McGoohan's classic The Prisoner, which is currently being remade by ITV.

People want new Dwarf even more than a working copy of Better Than Life!

You can discuss the latest Red Dwarf news on our Forum.

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