Content Confirmed

All Kinds of Everything - by Andrew Ellard

7 September, 2007

Here it is - the full breakdown of a DVD collection so dense with content it has its own gravitational field. The total and utter content list for Red Dwarf: The Bodysnatcher Collection. (For more details on any extra, check the previous updates menu on the left.)

Content Confirmed

Bodysnatcher Disc

The lost episode of Red Dwarf I in storyboard form, performed by Chris Barrie.

  • Commentary by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
  • Extended Audio Version

The End: The Original Assembly How Red Dwarf really began. The first episode - before the re-shoots.

  • Commentary by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor

"The Beginning" Original Documentary
The full story behind the making of Series I.

"It's Cold Outside" Original Documentary
How Series II left the mothership for new territory.

Red Dwarf Disc

Series I Remastered

  • Remastering Crew Commentary on The End
  • Ed Bye and Doug Naylor Commentary on Me2
  • 'What's Different?' Text Track

'Re-Dwarf' Original Documentary
Following the creation and reception of the remastered shows.

A selection of behind the scenes photos and artwork from both the remastered project and the early series.

Red Dwarf Mobisode
An animated clip previewing the forthcoming mobile phone release.

Blue Midget Disc

Series II Remastered

  • Ed Bye and Doug Naylor Commentary on Kryten
  • Ed Bye and Doug Naylor Commentary Better Than Life
  • 'What's Different?' Text Track

Deleted Scenes
Previously unseen material from Better Than Life, Bodyswap and the remastered project.

The Most Embarrassing Interview In The Universe Ever
Rob and Doug on Daytime UK, 1991, with Alan Titchmarsh

  • Commentary by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor

Raw FX Footage
A compilation of the effects shots from the remastered project, including the live-action model originally shot for the closing credits.

Tongue Tied Archive
Including Howard Goodall's original demo, and the song's first Son of Cliché incarnation.

Starbug Disc

Series III Remastered

  • Ed Bye and Doug Naylor Commentary on Polymorph
  • Ed Bye and Doug Naylor Commentary on Bodyswap
  • 'What's Different?' Text Track

Script Extracts
Potential scenes from Series III - including the famous Dad episode.

  • Commentary by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor

8mm Film Reel
Peter Tyler takes us behind the scenes of Red Dwarf's model effects.

Remastered Promos
Original marketing videos.

And finally...

Easter Eggs
Can you find the hidden extras?

You can see how we've had to pack every disc to the brim to fit on all the content - well over 14 hours worth, not counting four and a half hours of commentaries and nine hours of text tracks. And yes, we've chucked in a couple of Easter Eggs that are well worth hunting for.

The content itself is all the stuff you've heard about if you've been reading this DVD Details section regularly. Plus there's a nifty compilation of remastering effects shots, which includes a fair few moments that have so far gone unseen, and the Mobisode.

A... what?

Well, it's an animated clip of Red Dwarf, part of a new venture for the franchise... and something you'll see covered in more detail on soon. That's all we're saying for now.

Back to the DVDs, though, and the disc structure is interesting - with each of the four DVDs named for a different element of the show.

Series I, II and III Remastered belong to Red Dwarf, Blue Midget and Starbug respectively, which is in keeping with the way the regular series releases were themed. Meanwhile the 'bonus disc' isn't named that way. We consider it to be 'disc one'... though we haven't called it that, either. Instead it will be entitled the Bodysnatcher Disc.

You could guess that maybe these themes will be represented by the DVD menus themselves. And if you did, you'd be right. But we're saving that little surprise for another update - along with revelations about that all-important Collector's Booklet.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Red Dwarf: The Bodysnatcher Collection will be out in the UK on October 22nd, and in Australia in December. Pre-order now!

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