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Two Tongue Tieds - by Andrew Ellard

17 August, 2007

We've introduced a lot of bonus content in these DVD Details articles. The menu on the left is a testament to how many revelations have been made. And every time you think it's over, we chuck a little more your way.

Listen Up

So - here we go again...

As part of The Bodysnatcher Collection we'll be presenting two versions of the infamous Tongue Tied song.

Up first is the full Howard Goodall Tongue Tied demo, as heard (briefly) on the Series VI DVD documentary Settling the Score. It shows the style Howard, working from Rob Grant and Doug Naylor's lyrics, was going for before Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles 'funked up' the track.

We're also including the original Son of Cliché version. Again written by Rob and Doug, it's a prototype Tongue Tied, performed by Nick Wilton with music by Peter Brewis. It's a totally different song - different words, different music - but the concept is the same.

(Sadly clearance issues have prevented us from including the version released into the charts by 'The Cat' in the early 90s. But we recommend finding it on eBay. Try the cassette or record single versions to hear Danny's version of the Red Dwarf theme on the B-side - which, bizarrely, includes samples from Robocop and Aliens.)

Also on the menu - literally, given the way DVDs work - will be a Peter Tyler 8mm film.

Created by the eponymous effects photographer, and previously shown at the Dimension Jump convention, this shows rare behind-the-scenes glimpses of the model work from Series IV and V - from chaps in wetsuits crashing Starbug into polystyrene rocks to blowing up Red Dwarf herself.

Yes, we know it's not very tied-in to the first three series, but once we saw the film we couldn't refuse it. During his DVD interview Pete also recorded a voiceover for the five-minute piece, talking you through the trials and tribulations of FX creation... and maybe mocking his colleagues a little.

Is there more to reveal?

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Red Dwarf: The Bodysnatcher Collection will be out in the UK on October 22nd, and in Australia in December.

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