Completely Entitled

Documentary Names - by Andrew Ellard

13 July, 2007

A small but perfectly-formed DVD Details this time around, as we now have confirmed titles for the three documentaries appearing this October as part of The Bodysnatcher Collection.

The Series I doc is entitled The Beginning, sticking with the 'series subtitle' idea used previously with The Starbuggers (Back from the Dead (Series VII) and The Tank (Series VIII) - it's the caption that appears on-screen at the end of The End. As we were documenting the show's fumbling beginnings, it just seemed ideal.

Series II's doc will be named It's Cold Outside. Partly because it's a lyric from the show's main theme song, and partly because the inclusion of location filming was a major change to the second series' production... and you'd better believe they didn't go anywhere hot!

Completely Entitled

Finally there's the remastered documentary: Re-Dwarf. You see what we did there. It's a title we especially like when spoken out loud. Go on, say it now. It's nifty.

The two series docs run 70 minutes apiece, each separated into seven sections - an introduction, plus six episode-based mini-docs. Aiming for a unifying style, they feature the same title/caption/credit designs as their Series III-VIII counterparts.

Re-Dwarf, meanwhile, goes a different way - opening on a version of the familiar logo, adapted to say 'Re-Dwarf', which is then painted over on-screen, by Lister, as part of the iconic opening title shot. (Dedicated fans will recall that a similar trick was used on the Series II VHS releases to show the 'name' of each tape.)

Aside from the closing credits - which run along the bottom of the screen over rushes footage of Craig painting the ship and falling painfully off his seat - and opening titles, Re-Dwarf's format differs in one other important way, too: this is the first newly-created DVD doc to include voiceover narration.

Re-Dwarf is one of the densest, fullest pieces we've produced, requiring more exposition and faster momentum than the episode docs. Although running at a sprightly 21 minutes, this style allows us to give it the depth of something much longer - which is why you'll be hearing my own hopefully-not-too-irritating tones narrating the story of this controversial period in Dwarf history.

Completely Entitled

Can there be any more to tell you? With so many revelations already made - commentaries, lost scripts, more commentaries, storyboards, deleted scenes - there are still four months to go before release. What else can we possibly reveal?

Well, obviously, that would be telling.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Red Dwarf: The Bodysnatcher Collection will be out in the UK on October 22nd.

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