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11 May, 2007

As you may have seen in our previous story, Australia's UK.TV channel has been going Red Dwarf crazy of late. Every weeknight you can catch up with the boys, and on May 14th we'll reach Series V. Which means killer glove puppets, evil twins, and yes, okay, Rimmer stripped to the waist and oiled to within an inch of his life.

Telly Guide

In the UK, though, UKTVG2 continue to give the show pride of place. On Saturday, May 19th we're on to a triple-bill of Series III episodes one to three. Reverse worlds, vicious monsters and spaceship crashes abound. Sadly Chris Barrie's shirt stays resolutely on his back throughout.

For details of these and other Red Dwarf TV listings, check out the Dwarf Tracker.

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