PJ and Douglas

Final Interviews - by Andrew Ellard

20 April, 2007

Waterfall Studios, April 12, 2007. The last Red Dwarf DVDs interviews ever (one assumes). Paul Jackson and Doug Naylor. If you gotta go, this hasta be the way.

PJ and Douglas

Paul Jackson is, of course, a legend of television. The Young Ones, Friday Night Live, you know... Oh, okay, he's the man who found Red Dwarf a home at the BBC. The kind of executive producer you want on your side - especially with a cast like ours.

A myth has built up around Paul, aided considerably by our cast's delight in telling bigger and bigger stories, and when this affable, friendly chap turns up to be interviewed you start to wonder if it's all just smoke.

Ed Bye describes it as a good cop/bad cop relationship, and Paul's brand new interview for the forthcoming DVD box set confirms that yep, that's how it was. Only with more swearing.

Paul was on sparkling form, warm and self-deprecating, but still terrifically honest, providing some real gold for the final cut of our Series I and II documentaries. Ever heard of the 'Italian' method of rehearsing? Later this year you will have...

Finally Doug Naylor settled in to put his own thoughts and memories across. Doug benefits from having seen a rough-cut of the documentaries in advance, so has an idea what's been said and who has been exaggerating.

Most importantly, it allows an on-the-record response to years of debate regarding Red Dwarf: Remastered, the very episodes that will be appearing on these DVDs. What does he think of them now, what worked and what didn't? Expect some full and frank answers.

It's funny to think this may be the last time we do this. But what a way to end a remarkable journey.

The brand new Red Dwarf DVD box set will be out in the UK this Autumn.

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