Script Extracts

More Lost Scenes - by Andrew Ellard

30 March, 2007

So all this talk of Bodysnatcher has got you excited, huh? Not surprising, really - it is the never-before-seen Grant/Naylor script from Series I, resurrected for DVD with a performance by Chris Barrie. Who wouldn't be excited?

Script Extracts

Well, the story doesn't end there. Pulled from the GNP files are four script extracts by Rob and Doug for Series III - and we're presenting them for the first time in the new DVD box set, once again performed by Chris Barrie with accompanying storyboards.

Dad is undoubtedly the most famous script of the set - a lengthy (around 8 minutes) piece that might have formed the beginning of Series III. It picks up with Lister heavily pregnant, continues with the birth (supervised by Kryten, who even here has trouble telling the genders apart), and concludes with Lister struggling to name his infant son.

Yes, son. Just the one baby here - no twins, no Jim or Bexley, no solution to the Future Echoes prediction. Interesting stuff. Dad is also the original home of Lister's pool table/cardboard box story. Which would have led directly into...

Lister's Father - a significant scene conceived for the episode Timeslides. Lister comes face to face with his real dad in a pub thanks to one of those time-travel photographs. As with Dad this can't be considered 'canon' as it's contradicted by later storylines - Lister, as we all know, turned out to be his own father. But it's fascinating to discover what was considered.

Rimmer's Dummy and Infinity Patrol are much shorter snippets, just quick sketches really. To explain the former would ruin the gag, while the latter is a fun adaptation of an old Dave Hollins radio sketch, with some interesting new stuff chucked in.

We're thrilled to have the chance to release this kind of rare material. Things like this and the original assembly edit of The End are making this new DVD boxset a real fan treat. Frankly, if you're half as excited as we are, you're currently having trouble avoiding the ceiling as you bounce around the room.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Red Dwarf Remastered will be released in the UK in Autumn 2007.

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