Last Chance To Chase

Time is running out for your chance to win £5,000.

19 January, 2007

Owners of Beat the Geek in the UK - the clock is running. Non-owners - whaddya doing? The Red Dwarf interactive quiz starring Norman Lovett and Hattie Hayridge is still available from Amazon, Play and every other store worth its salt. And time is running out...

Last Chance To Chase

Yes, time is of the essence. Beat the Geek comes complete with your chance to win £5,000 with the online competition Geek Chase. But the internet treasure hunt expires on February 12th - if you haven't followed the clues and submitted your entry by then... it's too late!

So hurry - hurry! Fans have been posting tiny hints on the Webboard, but the odds are still pretty good - remember, you're not competing against hundreds of other players, just the tiny number who manage to get all the way through to the end.

Last Chance To Chase Last Chance To Chase

Need more? Check our hints page.

See the leaflet that accompanies the Beat the Geek DVD for more details.

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