Remasters Of The Universe

One More Time - by Andrew Ellard

22 December, 2006

A quick history lesson: In 1997 the first three series of Red Dwarf underwent a remastering process for international and home video release. The picture was re-graded and 'filmised', the soundtrack was fully remixed and augmented, new visual effects were added...

And then the episodes were released on VHS.

Remasters Of The Universe

In retrospect, speaking from the DVD-and-impending-hi-def age, this may have seemed slightly odd - crisp, sharp images downgraded to home video quality. But that was then, and VHS was what we had.

Until now.

Grant Naylor Productions and 2 entertain are unreasonably excited to announce that our latest Red Dwarf DVD project will, indeed, be Red Dwarf Remastered.

The remastered release is currently intended as a four-disc box-set, with one disc each for the three series plus a bonus disc. Aside from the 18 remastered episodes, it's a release that is going to give us a chance to do something we've been aching to do - three brand-new documentaries.

For the first time, the making of Series I and Series II will be covered in-depth, as per our Series III to VIII DVD docs, with some exciting and unexpected contributors. We'll be interviewing cast and crew from Red Dwarf's formative years and asking - just how did you get anything done with hangovers that large?

We'll also be documenting the remastered production itself, digging into just what went on with the creation of these controversial re-edits. The changes to model shots, sound and picture, the edits, the public reaction...we'll be digging up the whole story.

Beyond the documentaries, there are going to be some fascinating extras this time around. What are they? Ah, well now - if we told you, you'd have no reason to keep coming back here.

Once again DVD Details will be there, letting you know all the juicy... well, details. In the meantime, feel free to speculate on the Webboard.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Red Dwarf: Remastered is currently in production aiming for an Autumn release in the UK.

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