Geek Chase Help

What do you mean you're finding it difficult? It's £5,000! Put some effort in!

17 November, 2006

Owners of the new Red Dwarf quiz Beat the Geek - out to buy now - have already been laying the DVD aside (temporarily) to play the Geek Chase prize competition in the hopes of winning the £5,000 grand prize.

Geek Chase Help

Players have been following the internet treasure hunt - and hell, some have even beaten it. But let us tell ya, right now if you do get to the end... well, let's just say the odds are looking good for you. Plenty of players - so far, not too many winners.

But hey, look, for five grand it was hardly going to be easy.

Geek Chase Help Geek Chase Help

So, while is unable to help you directly, we can remind you of some simple hints and tips. Everyone who's admitted on our Webboard(and elsewhere) to getting stuck has one thing in common: if they took this advice rigidly to heart, they wouldn't be stuck any more.

Geek Chase Help

Geek Chase is tough at times, sure, but it's also relentlessly fair. There's no leap in logic, just the putting together of information. Information that's right in front of you.

Can you do it? Can you follow this path to the end? Just how smart are you? Check out these hints and tips and prepare to put some work in.

Five thousand pounds is up for grabs. Earn it.

Geek Chase Help


Click everything you can - you never know what you might find.

Read the text carefully. A lot of the articles and information are designed to give you clues about what to do and where to go. Watch for the hints!

Everything is deliberate. Error messages and unfinished sites are all part of the game.

Bookmark every site. Just because you found a useful link or piece of information, doesn't mean you're done with a particular website.

Red Dwarf knowledge is useless - Geek Chase can be played by anyone just by paying attention to the game sites. Knowing Kryten's middle name already won't help you!

Every site linked within the game is part of the game. If you see a link to a website (aside from software downloads like Quicktime and Adobe Reader), it's always another Geek site.

You will not have to leave the Geek Chase websites at any time. There's no need to go off to search in Google. All you need to know is contained here.

Red Dwarf - Beat the Geek, along with the free Geek Chase competition flyer, is out now and available from Merchandise.

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