Win £5,000 Cash!

Diva-tastic - by Andrew Ellard

6 October, 2006

Following on from the nifty and Virgin Megastore exclusives, wherever and whenever you buy Beat the Geek, the DVD will come with a fascinating and mysterious addition.

It's a flyer, made of paper.

Win £5,000 Cash!

Not very exciting? Well how about this - it holds the chance to win £5,000 with Diva-Droid International!

Oh, now you're interested...

What? Huh? 'Surely Diva-Droid, the company for whom Professor Mamet created Kryten, is fictional?' Well - duh.

This is all part of a 2 entertain competition GNP have created under the affectionate nickname of 'Geek Chase'. It's a follow-the-clues internet treasure hunt. Get all the way to the end, following the trail, to be entered into the big cash draw.

Watch for the Diva-Droid sticker on the front of packs, put some time aside, add an extra folder to your browser's bookmarks section and see if you can solve the puzzle.

The competition is only open to UK residents - which will come as little surprise to fans in America, who won't be getting Beat the Geek for the time being, but might disappoint game players in Australasia.

Want to know more? Sorry, you'll have to check out the flyer. We're sworn to secrecy.

Red Dwarf: Beat the Geek will be released in the UK on October 23rd, 2006 and is available to pre-order via our Merchandise section. An Australian release is also anticipated in November.

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