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Beautiful Frontage - by Andrew Ellard

15 September, 2006

The final design is in. After building up the original concept - including all the work that went into Colin Howard?s glorious main image - 2 entertain have polished up the whole thing and delivered the result. It is here, and it is magnificent.

Cover Complete

What, else to say? Okay, well, this is how the back cover copy reads:

Starring Norman Lovett and Hattie Hayridge as Holly
Join Holly's fragmented personalities on an eight-level journey around Red Dwarf.
Three player types: Viewer, Geek and General Knowledge!
Never seen Red Dwarf? Compete against fans as a General Knowledge player!
Travel the length and breadth of Red Dwarf, visiting major locations from the series!
Play alone, against a friend, or in teams!
Includes five mini-games - can you unlock them all?
Features exclusive new footage of both Hollys!
Which is both informative and breaks any previous 'most exclamation marks' record.

The spine's style is, of course, not a million miles away from the Series I-VIII designs. For the first time we have a 2 entertain logo there, too (something that was generously forgone for the series releases to maintain continuity); and emblazoned on the front is their Interactive DVD Game logo - something you'll be seeing on several releases this Christmas.

The DVD's usual plastic Amaray case will be packaged in an O-ring. What's that? Well, to most of us mere consumers know it as a slip case. It's just an extra little (cardboard) touch that makes the release just a tad more... 'deluxe'.

Cover Complete

Then we have the booklet. Inevitably, this is where you'll find the instructions - an expanded version of the Hollys' funky 'How To Play' video that appears on the disc. There are also hints and tips on how best to tailor your game-playing experience, a guide to the various sections of the Red Dwarf ship, spaces to record your game scores and bonus games codes... plus a few jokes.

Oh, and possibly the best DVD booklet moment to date as we provide you with never before revealed facts about the show. Seriously.

So that's it. That's what will be sat on shelves nationwide come October 23rd. Surely enough to brighten up any shopper's day.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Red Dwarf: Beat the Geek will be released in the UK on October 23rd, 2006 and is available to pre-order via our Merchandise section. An Australian release is also anticipated in November.

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