By The Numbers

Quiz Mathematics - by Andrew Ellard

23 June, 2006

We've shot a lot of material, written a lot of jokes and compiled a lot of questions for Beat the Geek. But what exactly constitutes 'a lot'? This is how it breaks down:

By The Numbers

Number of DVDs. One.

Number of levels. Eight, each set in a different Red Dwarf location.

Number of questions per level. Six (per player).

Number of ways Holly says 'That's Wrong'. There are around 60 'wrong answer' lines from the male Holly, and another 60 for the female version. The same is also true for the number of 'right answer' lines. The exact total - both Hollys, all 'right' and 'wrong' responses - is 248.

Number of other Holly 'level' lines. Every level has about five possible intro lines and three outro lines. Times eight levels, times two Hollys. Over 120 more lines there.

Any more Holly lines? Oh yeah - if you unlock one of the bonuses, Holly will appear and walk you through the drill. There are also a dozen or so 'hurry up' lines for each version of the character, not to mention footage of them sitting around waiting for you!

Number of episode clips. Well over a hundred, split between observation/knowledge questions and 'what happens next?'

Number Holly has a blind spot for. Seven.

Number of quiz questions. More than 1,300, split between Viewer (regular Dwarf questions), Geek (hardcore fans only) and General Knowledge (about the real world... apparently there's all sorts of stuff out there). Each question has four possible multiple-choice answers - though in some cases the trick is to put those four in a specific order.

Number of bonuses. Five. If you score 100% on levels 1, 3, 5 and 7 you'll unlock a bonus DVD game to play via a code entered into the main menu.

Erm... that's only four. The fifth and final unlockable game is only available if you complete the entire game with full marks - a total of 48 points. Get that and Holly will appear to ask you the final bonus question (different for Viewers, Geeks or General Knowledge players). Get it right, you pick up two points and become a Funky Fifty player. Get it wrong and you'll have to try all over again...

Which was far less mind-numbing to write down than it was to do.

The Hollys also recorded full game instructions, which will be available to view at any time from the main menu. But then how much help do you need to figure out the selection of one of four multiple-choice answers?

The Red Dwarf questions were all compiled in-house at GNP, and an outside firm were contracted for the general knowledge rounds. They were given some interesting guidelines - not the least of which is a Dwarfy influence that will make fans giggle. Expect a few questions to include iconic things from the show, from Esperanto and Elvis to stasis, Hitler and Marilyn Monroe!

The challenge of Beat the Geek is, therefore, not simply limited to playing against the DVD or a friend. Have you seen all the Holly lines yet? We've whacked in a lot of jokes to make this extra-worthwhile. Have you unlocked all five bonus games, themed to the TV series?

Even just by the numbers, Beat the Geek is the DVD that keeps on giving.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

Beat the Geek will be released in the Autumn/Winter of 2006.

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