Deleted Scenes

And a Fond Farewell - by Andrew Ellard

10 March, 2006

Deleted scenes! Over an hour of the buggers from Series VIII! What a way to finish the DVD Details updates.

Highlights in this collection are many - Selby and Chen trying (and failing) to show their support for Lister in Back in the Red; Lister's optimistic attitude to conjugal visits in Cassandra; Ackerman being way more bonkers in Krytie TV; and Rimmer nicknaming Hollister's mirror-equivalent 'Shambles' in Only the Good.

Some of these moments have passed into Red Dwarf lore even without being seen. Archie makes a final, painful appearance in Pete, flying up Hollister's backside. (No doubt cut because, aside from anything else, the implications of this Kryten willy activity are not entirely savoury.)

And then there's the original series ending, where everything is put back to normal (kinda). No death, no ship in flames - just our gang solving the problem (eventually) and getting the ship back to themselves.

In fact Only the Good has thrown up a lot of great stuff, including Craig Charles' turn as an upper-class officer incarnation of Lister, and an alternate version of Kochanski's secretary character - playing it really dumb, it's one of Chloë Annett's best ever comic moments, and it's great to have it resurrected for DVD.

But enough yacking - here's the list:

Deleted ScenesDeleted Scenes

Back In The Red

1-4 A collection of scenes removed from what was intended to be an hour-long special.
5 This original version of the scene in Hollister's office did not include the famous Rimmer salute. It was re-shot, in part, to better begin what became Part Two.
6 & 7 Two off-cuts from Kryten's scene with Kochanski.
8 & 9 This original version of Lister's escape was re-shot on another set to include more time with Rimmer. It is followed by a brief Cat snippet.
10 With Back in the Red originally only meant to last one hour, this scene would have concluded the story long before the second meeting with the air traffic controller.
11-18 A significant number of dialogue removals taken from the Part Three shoot.

Deleted ScenesDeleted Scenes


1-3 Though the team were revelling in the new bunkroom scenes, these sections were excised to get the story moving.
4-9 Some more exposition and gags - and finally an alternate version of Cassandra's demise.

Deleted ScenesDeleted Scenes

Krytie TV

1-3 More from the prison cell, plus a removed Cat segment - dropped partly for time and partly because, as shown here, it could not easily be edited back into the scene.
4 Prepare yourself now for the full Ackerman...!
5-8 Four trims for time and pace - including a reference to Lister's claustrophobia last seen in Series VII's Duct Soup.

Deleted ScenesDeleted Scenes


1-4 More from the basketball and its aftermath.
5-8 Extended moments with the Time Wand.
9 & 10 Some extra dialogue from Hollister's office and The Hole.
11-13 Original versions of the vending and dining scenes, followed by some extra moments from the final dining scenes.
14 & 15 Back in The Hole - plus an alternate version of Rimmer and Lister encountering the frozen crew.
16-23 A large number of excised lines taken from the dinosaur scenes.
24-27 More moments taken from the dino aftermath.
28-30 Archie - originally filmed to appear in Cassandra - reappears here, including a final appearance at the end of the episode.

Deleted ScenesDeleted Scenes

Only The Good

1-3 Three trims made to pace up the opening scene.
4-6 Three more trims, this time from the centre of the episode.
7-9 Another trio of trims, now on the other side of the mirror.
10 & 11 Rimmer bumps into the mirror-universe Lister. Plus the original Professor Cat scene, re-shot when the team noticed the wrong coloured test-tube prop!
12 Additional dialogue from the mirror universe re-shoot expanding on the Kochanski secretary character.
13-16 This was the original ending to Series VIII. It was replaced at the last minute, and is included here without final effects work.

Deleted ScenesDeleted Scenes

And now the end is near, and so we face the final DVD Details update. Hankies on standby.

Since April 2002 - almost four years ago - we've been bringing you these production diaries, shining a little light on the dark goings on behind closed doors. And, at last, the job is done. This is the final DVD Details update. Probably.

Certainly we've fulfilled our remit to follow all eight DVDs from conception to release, through commentary recording, shooting, archive searches, editing, menus creation, artwork design, promotion... the whole shebang.

It's quite the nostalgia trip to wander through the ninety-plus reports - go on, have a go; start here and work through the lot! - to remember the triumphs, the hassles, the happy accidents... and all the times Danny was late.

So, for the time being at least - adios. When Series VIII releases on March 27th you'll finally have a complete spine logo across your eight DVDs. (Oh, and Australia, just to warn you - your release date has gone back to April 20th. Sorry about that.)

Enjoy Series VIII. We're sure you will.

The upcoming Red Dwarf DVD releases are as follows:

Region Location Series Date RD Shop Link
2 UK/Europe VII OUT NOW! Click Here
1 America VII OUT NOW! Click Here
4 Australasia VII OUT NOW! Click Here
2 UK/Europe VIII March 27, 2006 Click Here
1 America VIII May 2, 2006 Click Here
4 Australasia VIII April 20, 2006 Click Here

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