Series VII Stateside

The American release of Dwarf's latest DVD.

6 January, 2006

For the first time in the USA, a Red Dwarf DVD has ventured out alone. Timidly blinking at the sun, these shy creatures usually emerge in this new environment in pairs - I and II, III and IV, V and VI.

Series VII DVD - Outside

It's the sheer size of the DVD that has made our American distributor split the releases this time - three discs, 4 hours of extras, collector's booklet, plus Xtended and remastered episodes. And so, on January 10th Red Dwarf VII becomes the first solo Stateside release. You just have to hope it won't be instantly gobbled by a predator. (We've seen those wildlife documentaries - it happens a lot.)

Coming complete with a set of five (yes, five) character trading cards, plus the usual twist on the packaging to play up the character-strong nature of the show, it's an unmissable DVD collection, and it's available right now from the USA Shop.

Series VII DVD - Inside

So - grab a beer (or a Coke), pick up some junk food (or low-fat frozen yoghurt), drop yourself onto the couch (or maybe your hammock, should you own one) and prepare for over 12 hours of intensive Dwarfy viewing!

Series I to VII are all available now from the Red Dwarf USA Store.

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