The First Skutter

Prototype Arrives - by Andrew Ellard

23 December, 2005

Here's a joyful thing to find in your office on a December morning - a prototype skutter toy!

The First Skutter

Now ignore all the potential mirth to be had by discussing whether or not this magnificent first-born appeared in a stable, greeted by three shepherds and three wise Flibbles - this adorable robot is going to be bringing smiles all-round come March 27th.

Based, of course, on the skutters from Series VIII, the blue-tinted beast is a 5cm long faithful recreation of the originals, which even now gather dust in a GNP vault. Better yet - it moves! Drag the wheels back to wind it up, then let it go and, erm, watch it crash into your computer!

The First Skutter

Obviously the image isn't wholly representative of the final version - it's a quick mock-up, so the paint job and sculpt will likely be refined a little. But, basically, this is it. And who hasn't always wanted their own skutter?

The skutter toy (John Wayne Fan Club membership not included) will be available with the Series VIII DVD only as part of a special edition gift set. It's the only way to get one - don't miss out!

The First Skutter

More DVD Details will follow soon...

The upcoming Red Dwarf DVD releases are as follows:

Region Location Series Date
2 UK/Europe VII OUT NOW!
1 America VII January 10, 2006
4 Australasia VII OUT NOW!
2 UK/Europe VIII March 27, 2006
1 America VIII May 2, 2006
4 Australasia VIII March/April 2006

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