Seventh Feedback

Opinions on the Series VII DVD - plus those hidden Easter Eggs revealed!

16 December, 2005

Judges, put down your pens. The deliberations are over and it's time to take a look at the results. Just what did the critics make of the all-new gubbins on the all-new Series VII DVD? Here are the highlights - and stick with us for the Easter Eggs revealed at the end!

Seventh Feedback


DVD Next

Extras: "Red Dwarf is one of the few English programmes to get a decent DVD treatment."

Extras: 4 stars

DVD Monthly

Extras: "The high point is undoubtedly the 90 minute Back From The Dead documentary."

Extras: 8/10


On Xtended & Remastered: "An astonishing commitment to restoration."

Extras: 5/5

TV Zone

Extras: "There's no complaints to be made about the massively comprehensive extras... a class package."

Overall: 10/10

DVD Review

Overall: "A real cosmic treat."

Extras: 4 stars


DVD Active

Documentary: "An entertaining and enlightening production; far superior to the flimsy featurettes of communal back-slapping that can be found on Hollywood discs."

IDW: "For the DVDs of the Star Wars prequels, LucasFilm went to the hassle of treating deleted scenes to a CGI polish, but it pales in comparison to the efforts shown here. This is, after all, the first 'new' Red Dwarf adventure in several years."

Overall: "The series is accompanied by what is perhaps the finest selection of bonus material to ever grace a Digital Versatile Disc. Showcasing a huge amount of commitment from everyone involved; the extras are comprehensive and, more importantly, entirely watchable. Special mention, too, for the wonderful DVD menus which have improved with each set in this collection... DVD producers everywhere take note: this is how it should be done."

Extras: 9/10

Sci-Fi Online

Extras: "Back From The Dead makes riveting viewing."

DVD Times

Commentaries: "What the commentaries lack in revealing critique and technical reference they more than make up for in lively conversation and amusing snipes and anecdotes."

Overall: "The DVD once again exceeds expectations with numerous extra features worthy of any fan's time, and many more that, although exhaustive in their nature, will satisfy the completists out there."

Extras: 8/10


Ganymede & Titan

IDW: "Every component - the voiceover, the pictures, the sound effects, the music - is first-rate... Incredible."

Documentary: "This is exactly what we want from a documentary - a more or less definitive chronicle of a tricky stage in Dwarf's history... First-class."

Overall: "Phenomenal. Better extras than ever before, and a real sense of longevity... This DVD is arguably a more essential purchase than any of its predecessors."

Channel 27

IDW: "I think I would have bought the DVD even if this were the only extra!"

White Hole

IDW: "Pant-wettingly exciting... I honestly can't think of any other examples of any show presenting a rejected script like this."

Documentary: "With unseen rushes and clips punctuating everything and some clever editing and lovely pacing, your Mr. Andrew Ellard (Director) and co. have surpassed themselves."

Deleted scenes: "There's just so many lovely moments which have inexplicably found themselves on the cutting room floor."

Overall: "The quality of these DVDs are as consistent as a man on a high-bran diet. Brilliant attention to detail and huge amounts of material ensure that this set is yet another example of DVD production perfection... this is the best series of the set."

Despite the usual nonsense about higher budgets (which the show didn't have) or the fact that people loved the series when it was deliberately cheap and wobbly (which it never was), it's been another great round of feedback for the new material.

But the final word goes to a much-loved site which, frankly, we never expected to delve into Dwarf, talking in August about the DVDs so far:

Ain't It Cool News (Moriarty)

Series I-VI: "I'm amazed by the depth of each of these two-disc sets and just how complete the extras are. Great commentaries, excellent and extensive behind-the-scenes documentaries, "smeg ups", all sorts of special featurettes... This has got to be one of the gold standards for how you present a TV show on DVD."

Okay, so, finally, the Easter Eggs. Two main eggs plus a little CGI twiddle were included on Red Dwarf VII. Don't want to know? Look away now! For everyone else, the directions are below, and join the Series I-VI egg list in our FAQ.

Series VII Easter Eggs

Chloë's Audition

Disc 3: From the main menu, highlight the ammo dispenser on the left. Select the live (red) ammo and watch as the Doom-esque animation shows you picking up a bazookoid and pointing it at the airlock controls. When the shot is lined up, press 'select' to fire. You'll be taken to the AR suite and shown exclusive footage from Chloë Annett's audition tape - including a dialogue exchange eventually cut from Ouroboros.

Seventh Feedback

Movie-Style Trailer

Disc 3: Do exactly the same as above until your bazookoid is pointed at the airlock door controls. Then press 'down' to highlight a second light on the side of the weapon. Press 'select' to fire and be taken, once again, to the AR suite - where this time you'll be shown a movie-esque Red Dwarf trailer voiced by Epideme actor Gary Martin.

Seventh Feedback


Disc 3: When choosing your ammo (above), if you select blank (blue) rather than live, you'll still tool up your bazookoid, but when it comes time to fire at the door controls... well, all you'll achieve is a bit of a scorch mark and a return to the main menu!

Seventh Feedback

Series VII is available in the Red Dwarf Shop UK and Red Dwarf Shop Australia.

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