Prelude To Nanarchy

Joining Series V, VI and VII - our exclusive online comic!

28 October, 2005

This is a little bit special. have teamed up with Across the Pond Studios for a mini-comic, hosted exclusively online!

Prelude To Nanarchy

Spoiler warning: If you've yet to see Series VII and learn just how Red Dwarf was lost, you may be best off avoiding the rest of this article, as well as the comic, until after picking up the DVD! You have been warned...

Prelude to Nanarchy is designed to tie in, naturally enough, with the Series VII DVD release, specifically the final episode, where we learned that Kryten's nanobots had stolen Red Dwarf and left our boys stranded.

So what exactly happened after Back to Reality? Series V concluded with Starbug preparing to leave the underwater remains of the SSS Esperanto research base. When Series VI arrived, it was short one titular vessel. Prelude to Nanarchy fills in this gap.

Kicking off here today with both the 'cover' and opening double-page spread, we'll be adding one page each day, until the story concludes next Friday, November 4th - which should have you in the mood for the whole of Series VII, due out on DVD on the 7th.

As ever, it's vital that we know what you all think of this new venture. Not since the Smegazine in the mid-90s have there been original Dwarf comic strips, and your opinion matters. Post reviews, thoughts and general musings on the official Webboard.

Click here for your Prelude to Nanarchy!

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